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This is a clip from a 1965 documentary aired on the show "Discovery" where Dublin's South Circular Road was filmed. The clip discusses the movement and migration of the Jewish population into Dublin in the early 20th century forming what was known as…

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A letter to the editor published in "The Times" expressing concern over the consequences of the Irish Cattle Embargo and its effects on the Irish cattle trade. The double standard between Irish and English cows is revealed to be crippling to the…

Miss Bruston as Calista 1791.jpeg
Calista, wife of Altamont and the lead female character who is seduced by Lothario, in The Fair Penitent.  Print of Calista from the 1791 publication of Nicholas Rowe's The Fair Penitent (1703).  The caption reads:  Miss Bruton as Calista. / And you,…

Early twentieth-century instructional pamphlet propagating a particular perspective on the nature of WWI’s conception and current state of affairs in 1915.

Great Fenian Scare.jpg
A cartoon published in Canadian Illustrated News Volume 1 in 1869 depicting a disheveled scarecrow with the caption: “Great Fenian Scare”.

Drive Through Gibraltar.pdf
Scanned section of The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine wherein Arthur M. Horwood details his one-hour exploration of Gibraltar while his military ship is docked for coal. It is featured in the 8th issue of the "monthly journal devoted to all…

Rimbaud %22Vies%22.pdf
Rimbaud's works have notably influenced Joyce, particularly during Joyce's exile to Paris.

This is an antiquated postcard that was originally printed by the Raphael Tuck & Sons Postcard company, founded in 1866 in London. It is chromographed in Saxony and is usually sold in a packet inscribed "Dry Humour Series." The artist of the design…

copperfield pg1.pdf
A PDF of "Another Retrospect" which is Parodied in "Oxen of the Sun"

Model Farm at Kinnereth.jpg
This advertisement is a likely source for Bloom's imagined promised land: Agendath Netaim at the Model farm at Kinnereth
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