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JJ_liphitski3 Photo via Joyce Images, where it appears courtesy of Roger-Viollet.jpg
Photographed by French photographer Liphitski via the website The Modern World which found them at the website Joyce Images, where it appears courtesy of Roger-Viollet.jpg

Lothario's speech in act I, scene i, in which he tells his friend Rossano how he seduced Calista yet refused to marry her. In the passage, Lothario tells how Calista berates him when she realizes he will not marry her. LOTH.  [ . . . ] I would still…

Fair Penintent print from Rowe's collected plays.jpeg
Passage above and behind reads: "British Theatre" Passage below reads: "Alt: What means they frantic rage?" / Cal: "Off, let me go!" The passage shows Calista grieving for her lover, Lothario, killed by her husband, Altamount, with his…

Miss Bruston as Calista 1791.jpeg
Calista, wife of Altamont and the lead female character who is seduced by Lothario, in The Fair Penitent.  Print of Calista from the 1791 publication of Nicholas Rowe's The Fair Penitent (1703).  The caption reads:  Miss Bruton as Calista. / And you,…

Pamphlet for the Shelbourne Hotel dated 1902

Lenehan's %22tragic gesture%22.png
The passage reads:

She was . . . a bit of all right,” he said regretfully.
He was silent again. Then he added:
“She’s on the turf now. I saw her driving down Earl Street one night with two fellows with her on a car.”
“I suppose that’s your…

Signed by JJ "James Joyce | Paris | 30 · x · 924", with 10.3 x 4.0 scrap with JJ's handwriting "G. Clancy | J. F. Byrne | Jay Joyce"

Inserted note in SB's handwriting "Sylvia Beach James Joyce | à Shakespeare and Company | 8 rue Dupuytren | en 1921 | (publication de 'Ulysses" en train)"


Two Shakespeare and Company stamps on verso; inserted negative "This neg. prob. rec'd. from S. Beach" per note on sleeve
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