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An excerpt from the initial serialized publication of this episode prior to the addition of floral imagery.

Excerpts from Maria S. Cumming's The Lamplighter (1854), which Gerty makes reference to reading in the "Nausicaa" episode of Ulysses

Naval Military Title Page.pdf
Scanned image of the title page of the eighth volume of The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine, “a monthly journal devoted to all subjects connected with Her Majesty’s Land and Sea Forces.”

The Gay Lothario 1813.jpg
A postcard held at the British Museum from 1813 celebrating the character of Lothario from The Fair Penitent around the time of a revival of the 18th century play. The full title reads: "The gay Lothario. The great and celebrated amatuer of…

A 1914 painting by Odilon Reddon entitled The Cyclops. It depicts Polyphemus, the Cyclops creature that Odysseus blinded in The Odyssey.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.22.57 AM.png
This is a clip from a 1965 documentary aired on the show "Discovery" where Dublin's South Circular Road was filmed. The clip discusses the movement and migration of the Jewish population into Dublin in the early 20th century forming what was known as…

american eccessiastical review.png
A review of Reverend Walsh's 1898 text, The Comparative Number of the Saved and the Lost, in the 1899 American Ecclesiastical Review.

Clerkenwell Media Excerpt.png
An example of the verses, songs and pictures circulated in London streets after the Clerkenwell explosion. The excerpt reads: On the 13th of the month of December,About four in that same afternoon,Those villains with a barrel of powder,The results…

Oireachtas_1899 _1.PNG
An extract (page 9) from the proceedings of the third Oireachtas festival in Dublin in 1899. The Oireachtas was established by the Gaelic League in the Revival period and continues to this day to be a celebration of Irish language, literature, song…

Fair Penintent print from Rowe's collected plays.jpeg
Passage above and behind reads: "British Theatre" Passage below reads: "Alt: What means they frantic rage?" / Cal: "Off, let me go!" The passage shows Calista grieving for her lover, Lothario, killed by her husband, Altamount, with his…
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