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Stephens' Grave.jpg
his is a photograph of the graves of James Stephens and John O’Leary, two Fenian leaders who were buried side by side at the Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin. A plaque on the gravestone reads:  A day, an hour of virtuous liberty is worth a whole eternity…

Duruy Excerpts.jpg
An excerpt from Victory Duruy's history textbook A History of Rome and the Roman People. The excerpt provides some description of Pyrrhus's siege of Asculum and his dealings with Roman commissioners.The excerpt is taken from from Chapter XVI of the…

Davy Byrnes Pub.jpg
A an old, black and white photograph of the front of Davy Byrnes pub in Dublin, Ireland.

George William Russell (A.E.).jpg
A picture of Irish poet George William Russell (aka "A.E.")

On verso "Zurich 1915 | Taken by | Ottocaro Weiss

Handwriting on verso "cadre plat en 11% argent"; Shakespeare and Company stamp; inserted photograph of this picture framed and displayed with 5.9, 5.10, 5.11

Two Shakespeare and Company stamps on verso; inserted negative "This neg. prob. rec'd. from S. Beach" per note on sleeve


Inserted note in SB's handwriting "Sylvia Beach James Joyce | à Shakespeare and Company | 8 rue Dupuytren | en 1921 | (publication de 'Ulysses" en train)"

Signed by JJ "James Joyce | Paris | 30 · x · 924", with 10.3 x 4.0 scrap with JJ's handwriting "G. Clancy | J. F. Byrne | Jay Joyce"
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