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Video to visual to the toccata and fugue schemata and overlapping organ music, as it is mirrored in "Sirens."

IN THIS DAY AND AGE attention to your appearance is an absolute necessity if you expect to make the most out of life. Not only should you wish to appear as attractive as possible for your own self-satisfaction, which is alone well worth your efforts,…

Naval Military Title Page.pdf
Scanned image of the title page of the eighth volume of The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine, “a monthly journal devoted to all subjects connected with Her Majesty’s Land and Sea Forces.”

Ulster Unionist March to city hall.jpg
On Ulster Day, Lord Charles Beresford, F. E. Smith, Sir Edward Carson and other leaders of the Ulster Unionists are among the crowd marching to City Hall to sign a Covenant against Irish Home Rule. Taken in Belfast, Ireland.

The official program of a Unionist demonstration held on April 9, 1912, the year the third Home Rule Bill was being discussed at Westminster. The top italics say,“We stand upon our guard, but do resolve, by the blessing of God, rather to go out to…

Pamphlet for the Shelbourne Hotel dated 1902

JJ_liphitski3 Photo via Joyce Images, where it appears courtesy of Roger-Viollet.jpg
Photographed by French photographer Liphitski via the website The Modern World which found them at the website Joyce Images, where it appears courtesy of Roger-Viollet.jpg

The Gay Lothario 1813.jpg
A postcard held at the British Museum from 1813 celebrating the character of Lothario from The Fair Penitent around the time of a revival of the 18th century play. The full title reads: "The gay Lothario. The great and celebrated amatuer of…

This painting by William Blake, painted in 1808, depicts Satan as a serpent tempting Eve into eating the fruit from the tree of life. This is an important aspect of the story of the Fall of Man, from Chapter 3 of Genesis, where the serpent tempts…

Marr Excerpts.jpg
Excerpts from a translation of a pamphlet created by Wilhelm Marr. The excerpts provide passages discussing what Marr believes to be the history of Judaism and the manner in which the religion's followers have vanquished Germany.The excerpts are…
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