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Fenian Guy Fawkes.jpg
     An 1867 cartoon by Sir John Tenniel entitled “The Fenian Guy Fawkes” from the magazine Punch.      The Fenian in the picture sits on top of the gunpowder keg holding a torch with innocent women and children surrounding him.

Clerkenwell Prison (Exterior).png
A photograph of the Clerkenwell Prison the morning after the explosion.

House Near Clerkenwell.png
A photograph of a house destroyed by the Clerkenwell explosion.

Home Rule Cartoon.png
A Home Rule cartoon from the 1880s depicting Charles Stewart Parnell, the leader of the Home Rule movement who gained the support of a great number of Fenians at home and abroad as a result of his aggressive political stance and his ability to…

Portrait of Patrick Egan.png
A photograph of Patrick Egan, a prominent IRB member and supporter of the Home Rule movement who may have been the namesake of Kevin Egan in Ulysses. 

Potrait of James Stephens.jpg
A portrait of James Stephens, chief organizer of the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood (IRB) and founder of the Fenian movement.

Clerkenwell Media Excerpt.png
An example of the verses, songs and pictures circulated in London streets after the Clerkenwell explosion. The excerpt reads: On the 13th of the month of December,About four in that same afternoon,Those villains with a barrel of powder,The results…

Potrait of Richard Burke.jpg
A photograph of Richard O'Sullivan Burke, one of the men that the Fenians tried to set free in the Clerkenwell affair.

American Fenian Headquarters.jpg
An illustration of the American Fenian headquarters after James Stephens fled to New York.

LARGE file for this DataModel.jpg
The Shan Van Vocht, alternatively spelled Sean Bhean Bhocht, was a cultural nationalist newspaper publish in Belfast. This is the cover page of the v.1, no.1. Published on the 15th of January, 1896. In addition to it's title and slogan, the cover…
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