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Handwriting on verso "cadre plat en 11% argent"; Shakespeare and Company stamp; inserted photograph of this picture framed and displayed with 5.9, 5.10, 5.11

On verso "Zurich 1915 | Taken by | Ottocaro Weiss

The Gay Lothario 1813.jpg
A postcard held at the British Museum from 1813 celebrating the character of Lothario from The Fair Penitent around the time of a revival of the 18th century play. The full title reads: "The gay Lothario. The great and celebrated amatuer of…

Base betrayer note from The Fair Penitent 1907 .png

fairpenitenttrag00rowe_0029 zoom.png

Page 62 Dubliners %22Two Gallants%22 Lenehan's %22tragic gesture%22.png
The passage reads:

“She’s all right,” said Corley. “I know the way to get around her, man. She’s a bit gone on me.”
“You’re what I call a gay Lothario,” said Lenehan. “And the proper kind of a Lothario, too!”
A shade of mockery relieved the…

Clerkenwell Prison (Interior).jpg
A picture of the Clerkenwell Prison, AKA the Clerkenwell House of Detention and the Middlesex House of Detention, located in Clerkenwell, London. Prisoners were housed here as they awaited trial. This image depicts the prison during visiting hours.…

Leslie Review Excerpt.png
This is an excerpt from a 1922 review of Ulysses by Shane Leslie in the Irish literary periodical The Quarterly Review. In one of his concluding statements, Leslie refers to Ulysses as “an attempted Clerkenwell explosion in the well-guarded,…

Stephens' Grave.jpg
his is a photograph of the graves of James Stephens and John O’Leary, two Fenian leaders who were buried side by side at the Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin. A plaque on the gravestone reads:  A day, an hour of virtuous liberty is worth a whole eternity…

Great Fenian Scare.jpg
A cartoon published in Canadian Illustrated News Volume 1 in 1869 depicting a disheveled scarecrow with the caption: “Great Fenian Scare”.
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