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John William Waterhouse %22The Siren%22.jpg
An oil painting by English painter, J.W. Waterhouse, depicting the allure of the Sirens.

thief in the night.png
An excerpt from the Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5, in which God's vengeance on those outside the church is described as the coming of a "thief in the night."

Vegetarians Editorial - The Times (1898).Pdf
A newspaper editorial published in The Times (London) on Monday, September 19, 1898. The editorial begins half-way down the lefthand column, after the two horizontal bars, and ends at the two horizontal bars in the righthand column.

Duruy Excerpts.jpg
An excerpt from Victory Duruy's history textbook A History of Rome and the Roman People. The excerpt provides some description of Pyrrhus's siege of Asculum and his dealings with Roman commissioners.The excerpt is taken from from Chapter XVI of the…

annum sacrum 1.png
A five page encylical written by Pope Leo XIII in 1899, four years before his death.

The text elucidates official Catholic positions while reinforcing the doctrine that there is no salvation outside the Church.

copperfield pg1.pdf
A PDF of "Another Retrospect" which is Parodied in "Oxen of the Sun"

otranto pg 17.pdf
A PDF of the opening of The Castle of Otranto which is parodied in Buck Mulligan's ghost story in "Oxen of the Sun"

Marr Excerpts.jpg
Excerpts from a translation of a pamphlet created by Wilhelm Marr. The excerpts provide passages discussing what Marr believes to be the history of Judaism and the manner in which the religion's followers have vanquished Germany.The excerpts are…

House Near Clerkenwell.png
A photograph of a house destroyed by the Clerkenwell explosion.

Letter to editor.png
A letter to the editor published in "The Times" expressing concern over the consequences of the Irish Cattle Embargo and its effects on the Irish cattle trade. The double standard between Irish and English cows is revealed to be crippling to the…
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