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FRCS Letter screenshot.png
A screenshot of a letter to the editor of The Times (London), written by "F.R.C.S.", published on Monday, September 26, 1898. The letter is a response to an earlier letter by "E.B.", which was written in response to the "Vegetarians" editorial…

EB Letter.Pdf
A newspaper letter written by E.B. published in The Times (London) on Wednesday, September 21, 1898. Written in response to the "Vegetarians" editorial of Monday, September 19, 1898.

Late nineteenth-century catechism of Irish history from ancient to contemporary times

Early twentieth-century pamphlet propagating the Sinn Fein political perspective

Early twentieth-century instructional pamphlet propagating a particular perspective on the nature of WWI’s conception and current state of affairs in 1915.

copperfield pg1.pdf
A PDF of "Another Retrospect" which is Parodied in "Oxen of the Sun"

otranto pg 17.pdf
A PDF of the opening of The Castle of Otranto which is parodied in Buck Mulligan's ghost story in "Oxen of the Sun"

Title page to In the Track of the Sun, a travelogue written by American traveler Frederick Diodati Thompson

The Jews and Palestine.pdf
Zionist essay showing the improvements Jewish settlers during the Second Aliyah made to the agricultural system in Palestine.

Kubla Khan.pdf
Poem from the English Romantic Period with Orientalist motifs
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