Images of James Joyce


Images of James Joyce


Photographs and other images of James Joyce

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Joyce Liphistski photos
Photographed by French photographer Liphitski via the website The Modern World which found them at the website Joyce Images, where it appears courtesy of Roger-Viollet.jpg

James Joyce and school friends George Clancy, and J. F. Byrne
Signed by JJ "James Joyce | Paris | 30 · x · 924", with 10.3 x 4.0 scrap with JJ's handwriting "G. Clancy | J. F. Byrne | Jay Joyce"

James Joyce and Sylvia Beach in doorway of Shakespeare and Company
Inserted note in SB's handwriting "Sylvia Beach James Joyce | à Shakespeare and Company | 8 rue Dupuytren | en 1921 | (publication de 'Ulysses" en train)"

James Joyce and Sylvia Beach seated at table in Shakespeare and Company
Two Shakespeare and Company stamps on verso; inserted negative "This neg. prob. rec'd. from S. Beach" per note on sleeve

James Joyce seated on bench at Fechamp
Handwriting on verso "cadre plat en 11% argent"; Shakespeare and Company stamp; inserted photograph of this picture framed and displayed with 5.9, 5.10, 5.11

James Joyce seated, playing guitar, Zurich
On verso "Zurich 1915 | Taken by | Ottocaro Weiss
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